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Brooklyn Decker Yoga Workout

Get Brooklyn Decker's Bikini Bod With Yoga

Brooklyn Decker knows how to rock a bikini, and yoga plays a big part in her fitness routine. Tara Stiles, Brooklyn's yoga go-to, shared two poses that helped the blond bombshell get into swimsuit shape. Learn how to do the poses when you watch the video.

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Tara Stiles has helped celebrities like Brooklyn Decker get an amazing bikini body through yoga. So, we found out in most effective moves to staying in shape. The warrior 3 and a half-moon pose. So when I met Brooklyn, it was her first experience with yoga and I thought that was really exciting. So, we work together every single day. She's been an extremely hard worker and just super fun, and a great girl, you got going with yoga and learn that it was very fun, very fun for her and also a great workout. Join FitSugar as we go on-on-one with celebrity trainers as they show us how they get the bod of their famous clients. We'll start with the warrior 3 pose. I like to start in a low launch. And sort of like a pendulum just swing forward don't bend your lower back. You really wanna make sure that you're straight. And as much as possible, the most important tip here is to keep your hips parallel to the floor. Now in terms of arm placement you can keep in the back like this, if you want, some people prefer out like an airplane or the most advanced is over above your head. But you also want your hip square on the back and you can peak down behind you and see if your back froze of running down and then you know that your hips are square. I like to start in a triangle pose swing forward, you wanna extend your block again about 6 inches away from your front foot. A straight line of energy from the top of your head out through your heel, almost like you're pushing against something. You wanna flex your foot, push that energy out. Now for this move, you wanna twist your hips up. So, you're opening out, you really extending your body. Strong arms, strong legs and remember to breateh. There's always options for beginners. If you can breathe, you can do yoga and you can always option for you. So, you don't have to rush and make a shape of your body from the outside and you can feel your way into it. Your body is gonna go there today, it's gonna go there today if it's not there's no need to push you're still get the benefits of yoga. They're all wonderful poses, let us know how they feel for you. See you next time, We Get the Bod on FitSugar TV.

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