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Calories in Turkey

Turkey Breakdown: Light, Dark, and Tofurky

The main course for Thanksgiving has traditionally been turkey. This meat can be a great source of lean protein, but some parts of the bird are healthier than others. To see how your turkey choices add up, check out the nutritional info of this meat and also a meat-free option.

Which has more calories, white or dark meat? To find out


Meat Type (4 ounce serving) Calories Saturated Fat (g) Cholesterol (g) Protein (g)
White meat 158 .4 97 34.1
White meat with skin 185 1.4 107 32.5
Dark meat 183 1.6 127 32.6
Dark meat with skin 206 2.4 132 31.3
Wing (2.1 oz.) 98 .7 61 18.5
Wing with skin (3.2 oz.) 186 2.4 104 24.9
Leg (thigh and drumstick) 180 1.4 134 333
Leg (thigh and drumstick) with skin 192 1.9 79 32.2
Tofurky Feast (1/5 of the roast, 5.2 oz.) 250 6 0 34

While dark meat does contain more calories, fat, and cholesterol, it also contains a considerable amount of iron, so go ahead and eat that drumstick you crave. Keep in mind that the skin contains a ton of calories and fat, so feel free to indulge a little, but don't go overboard. As for the Tofurky, I'm surprised to see that a serving size contains so many calories, but at least it's low in saturated fat and high in protein.

Enjoy whichever main course you choose, but remember that these numbers don't include stuffing, mashed potatoes, or gravy on the side. If you want to save room for a slice of grandma's famous pumpkin pie, limit the turkey fixings.

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