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Can't Fall Asleep? Try These Tips

Can't Fall Asleep? Try These Tips

It's so frustrating to be lying in bed, knowing you need your beauty rest and you can't for the life of you fall asleep. So the next time you find yourself tossing and turning, try these helpful tips from fellow FitSugar readers.

  • "In desperate times, I do the relaxation technique I learned in yoga when you breath and focus on relaxing each little part of your body. I start with my forehead and work down. By the time I reach my hips I'm usually out." — jadfair
  • "Sometimes it helps me to listen to audiobooks, especially those that I've already read/heard before. It helps me block out all of the swirling end of the day thoughts and just go to sleep." — tlsgirl
  • Fitsugar reader laellavita says, "If I don't work out, I just feel too restless to sleep. My workout is never at night, but expelling all that energy in one hour always makes me sleep better than a whole stressful day ever does."
  • "I read every night before bed, and I drink a mug of Yogi's Bedtime tea. If I still have trouble, I either start counting backwards from 500, or I've recently discovered an even happier and more peaceful method — making a mental gratitude list based on things that happened that day. I'm usually asleep by the time I reach the third one because it's so pleasant and relaxing." — scorpstar77
  • Kimpossible suggests listening to "soothing music such as Enya or Enigma." She also says, "If something is really strong on my mind then I write in my journal and get the thoughts out so I can clear my head in order to get to sleep."
  • "I try to make sure the bedroom is dark. And I tend to get too hot when I sleep, so I try to make sure my fan is on." — Spectra
  • "I suffered from really bad sleeplessness until I went to my doctor and she told me about 'sleep hygiene.' I got rid of the TV, the books, the alarm clock with the light up numbers, etc. — anything that could potentially keep me awake. Now I just use the bed for sleep and . . . I also take a bath, drink some tea, and turn the computer off about one and a half hours before bedtime." — cjstraus
  • "Lavender linen spray works for me." — sharshar
  • Leila07 says, "Reading a book has always worked for me. In college I used to read my history books. I would only have to read a paragraph and then I would be out! Oh and limiting my caffeine intake after lunchtime."
  • "I wake up at 5 a.m. everyday, it makes going to bed a whole lot easier at night." — kclulu

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