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Celebrity Trainer David Kirsch Loves Push-Ups and Hates Processed Carbs

Celeb trainer David Kirsch took time out of his busy schedule — his days start with a 5 a.m. workout before training clients at his gym in Manhattan — to speak with me yesterday. David helped Heidi Klum walk gorgeously down the runway eight weeks after having her third child. His client list also includes Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, and Faith Hill.

He launched his Summer Slimdown program for free, so I decided the time was right to ask him for more fitness advice. Always curious what personal trainers do for exercise, I asked David his favorite core move; he recommends planks, and planks rolling into a T-position, as well as work on the stability ball. Kirsch believes in fitting fitness into a busy life, and when pressed for time push-ups are the one move he thinks you should do.

When I asked him how I could increase my metabolism he told me:
“You have to move your body faster to burn more calories. Combine good strength training exercises with a form of cardio, and it doesn’t have to be running. It can be circuit training or one of my boot camps as long as it keeps your heart rate up.” He follows his own advice. His early morning 45-minutes workouts are heart pumping circuits, which he does four to five days a week.

Learn David’s favorite foods and what he thinks about “cheat days,” when you


When it comes to diet, David believes in eating well and listed salmon burgers, quinoa, and beans among his favorite foods. I asked if he believes in cheat days and he wholeheartedly replied, “Sure! But be smart about it. Pick a meal, or a certain food, but don’t eat five million pieces of it.” Once again, we learn from an expert that moderation is key. David also loves to cook and prepares Thanksgiving dinner for 30 to 40 guests every year. I asked him if he used butter for his T-day dishes and he said, “No” before I could say the second syllable of butter. His stuffing does sound divine: cornbread with chestnuts, herbs, turkey sausage, red peppers, apples, and apricots.

David does have a couple of suggestions on how to get beach ready. First he suggests that you fine-tune your diet, limit dairy, get rid of cheese completely, and stay away from processed carbs. Secondly, he says, “You should assess your body and see where you need work and be strategic. Do more plié squats if the inner thighs need toning. Do more Pilates if your abs need toning. Do push-ups if the triceps need toning. Maybe you need a little bit of all over toning so do it all over. Be strategic and come up with a process that is good for you."


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