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Class Act: Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep)

If you're stressed out, wound up, or feeling down, then you're in desperate need of Yoga Nidra. It's the definition of deep relaxation.

The nidra class is devoted to bringing you into complete stillness and calmness while still being aware. You come into a comfortable Savasana pose (sometimes a teacher may encourage you to use blankets and pillows to make you feel comfy, cradled, and fully supported). The teacher may talk you through a meditation, use guided imagery, or she may use musical instruments or music to bring you into deep relaxation. Your job is to lengthen each inhale and exhalation, to be aware and in control of your breath, and to allow the stillness to take over your mind and unwind your nervous system. It's common for beginners to accidentally fall asleep, but once you practice Yoga Nidra more often, you'll become better at bringing yourself into a beautiful marriage of relaxation and awareness. It's normal to daydream a little, to experience a sense of weightlessness or floating above the ground, and many people will say they feel like the 45 or 60 minute class flies by within minutes. After the class, you'll emerge feeling refreshed and serene.

Call a yoga studio in your area to see if they offer this type of class. If you cannot find a class, you can try on your own with a book or CD.

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