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Coca-Cola's Truvia Wins FDA Approval

Coca-Cola's Truvia Wins FDA Approval

Earlier this week, the Coca-Cola company announced it would begin selling three flavors of diet Odwalla juices sweetened with Truvia. Derived from the somewhat controversial herb stevia, Truvia had yet to be approved by the FDA when the Coca-Cola company made its announcement. On Wednesday, Dec. 17, the soft drink giant received word from the FDA that Truvia is now "generally recognized as safe" by the agency. Pepsi-Co also received word that its stevia-based sweetener, PureVia, won the agency's approval as well. SoBe Life Water, made by Pepsi-Co, will soon be releasing three zero-calorie flavors sweetened with their stevia-derived sweetener, and Coke will begin using Truvia in Sprite. Look for the "generally recognized as safe" drinks in supermarkets near you.

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