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Cosmetic Surgery to Fit Into High Heels Is on the Rise

Surgery to Get Your Feet Stiletto-Slim?

According to Christian Louboutin, Barbie has cankles — but she's not the only one who needs a makeover to fit her stilettos. Apparently, donning perfectly crafted sky-high heels means women need perfectly re-crafted feet to match. In fact, even while most cosmetic procedures are on the decline — thanks to the recession — podiatrists report that the demand for cosmetic foot surgery is on the rise.

The fashion industry is already credited with making women feel inadequate when it comes to their figures, but I was surprised to learn that even a pair of strappy, heeled sandals can wreak havoc on female body image, causing some women to develop body dysmorphic disorder about their feet. Michelle Tzonov, a massage therapist from San Diego, always enjoyed an active lifestyle — an avid runner, hiker, dancer, and snowshoer — who decided her fully functionally, but bunion-covered, feet were in need of a makeover. Multiple surgeries to beautify her feet with intensive cosmetic surgery and a bunionectomy have since left her feet mutilated and saddled her with excruciating pain, likely to be lasting results of her botched surgeries.

To see how three inch heels affect your body,


On their own heels are bad enough — even at three-inches high, they can increase the weight on the forefront of the foot by 110 percent, displacing bones and tissue, according to a recent study by the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association. But, surgery to get the foot stiletto-ready can cause severe complications that will eventually radiate throughout the whole body. While I'm certainly not an advocate of any kind of cosmetic surgery, just think of it this way — face work will never jeopardize your ability to walk, but feet support the whole body — mess with them and you're likely to jeopardize any kind of movement, especially the ability to strut your stuff in a pretty pair of Louboutins.

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