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Creating Milestone Rewards For Weight Loss

Should We Reward Ourselves For Weight Loss?

OnSugar blogger Losing Emily has made a pledge to not indulge in something she loves until she loses 20 lbs.

A dog rolls over, he gets a cookie. An employee does well at work and receives a raise. When playing FarmVille on Facebook, farmers get points for feeding their chickens — oh so addictive game. But should we reward ourselves for weight loss? I go back and forth on this.

Of course I am not talking about rewarding ourselves with food — a chocolate here, or a soda there — because that will not end well. I am talking about rewarding yourself with something you like when you lose a certain amount of weight. I am sure that in the end it's inevitable that we'll all end up with new wardrobes seeing that we'll all get lost in our baggy clothes of the past. But what about little milestone rewards?

To see what Losing Emily's reward is,


I was considering something like, every 10 or 20 pounds go to a movie (seeing as I don't do that much) or maybe buy make-up I want. Would this be a good motivator? I think it might be. Although, the only way it could truly work is by rewarding ourselves with something we don't do on a daily basis so that the small prize is that much more excitable. And who knows, maybe this will even help us save money? I know I spent way too much in the past couple of months. This process could not only be a rewards system for weight loss goals, but also a hiatus on spending!

So let's do it! I pledge to you, whoever you may be, that I will not spend any money on cosmetics until I have lost another 20 pounds. That will make me 235 llbs, eek! I have to be honest, when I typed that, my hand was itching for the backspace button, but I want to see if this is a good system. And I know you may be thinking, "Oh she won't spend money on cosmetics, big whoop." If you're a cosmetic junkie, I dare you to watch any beauty guru on YouTube without running to your nearest MAC.

Please leave any thoughts on the subject, or pledge your own reward system!

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