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Cross-Country Skiing Tip: Stay in the Tracks

If you've never tried cross-country skiing, you're really missing out. I love that it works your entire body and gets your heart rate up, but you're moving slow enough to admire the gorgeous snowy trees and chat with a friend. It's a lot like the rhythm of walking, where you move one foot forward and plant your opposite pole, then move the other foot forward and plant the other pole. At first it can be tricky to get that basic move down, so go skiing at a resort or outdoor center that has cross-country ski trails set up. Look for the tracks a previous skier made, line your skis up with them, and stay on their tracks as you swoosh along. It's so much easier to work on your technique when your skis are guided. Once you get the flow of moving your poles and skis together down, you can venture off the tracks and slide along in fresh snow.

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