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DVD Review: Better Sex Through Yoga – Volume 3

I just checked out Volume Three ($14.95), of the Better Sex Through Yoga series. I was excited to try it (no, not in that way), because this DVD is the most advanced video of the three.

The first thing I noticed is that the instructor was scantily clad; I think I actually murmured out loud, "Yeah, like I'd ever practice yoga in a short tank top and my undies." If you can get over the costuming issues, the yoga part is actually pretty good. She gives great instruction, and helpful tips appear on the screen like "spread your fingers wide in Down Dog." Then suddenly, that eerie voiceover lady from the first two DVDs starts piping in with instructions like, "Slowly breathe into your sexual core," and "Stretch your sexual core." To top it all off, the camera zooms in on the instructor's crotch and her little undies while doing a Wide-Legged Forward Bend. So unnecessary. I was also entertained by the fact that the instructor and the two yogis following her were spritzed with oil or glitter or something to make it look like every inch of their skin was glistening.

I was expecting this video to focus more on opening your hips and hamstrings, and to work on increasing flexibility in your entire body, which would then enhance your sex life. This video was borderline like a porno, and the only part about it that touched on sexuality was that the people were wearing next to nothing. There are so many better yoga DVDs out there.

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