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DVD Review: Dance and Be Fit — Brazilian Body

I wasn't a huge fan of Dance and Be Fit — Latin Groove. It just didn't satisfy my need for authentic merengue or samba whatsoever, but since I'm open-minded and love to dance, I thought I'd give Dance and Be Fit — Brazilian Body a try. The back of the DVD explains the workout like this: "By using elements of Brazil's heart-pounding, steamy dances such as maculelê, samba reggae, and capoeira, this workout targets all your trouble spots while burning fat and calories." After the six-minute warm-up, there are three different 12-minute workouts of each style of dance.

This DVD was basically a low-impact dance workout that incorporates some common Brazilian dance moves. The three dancers switch up their moves rather quickly and alternate between high-intensity moves and low-intensity moves, so it's better than sitting on the couch, but not even close to the feeling you'd get from a run. Honestly, I felt like the warm-up wasn't long enough, and since the moves changed so quickly, I was worried I might tear a muscle or twist an ankle.

Like I said, doing this DVD is better than nothing, so if you like to dance for your exercise, you can order this video from Acacia. But if you're really interested in learning maculelê, samba reggae, and capoeira, I'd sign up for some live classes at a studio.

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