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DVD Review of Dance and Be Fit Lower Body Burn With Kimberly Miguel Mullen

DVD Review: Dance and Be Fit — Lower Body Burn

When you just can't seem to dig up the motivation to get moving, the one thing that might give you a push is the possibility of having fun. Kimberly Miguel Mullen is all about putting joy into a workout with her Dance and Be Fit — Lower Body Burn DVD ($15), which consists of a five-minute warmup, two 20-minute sequences, and a five-minute cooldown.

It always throws me off when you're guided by a voice-over and not a speaking person, but once I got past that, I was able to enjoy this fun dance program. You can choose to do the two 20-minute sequences separately if you're pressed for time, but I did them together and felt a small glaze of sweat emerge at the video's halfway point.

The first sequence, Heavenly Hips, is easier than the second one, Lovely Legs, but they are both easy to follow. You're given basic steps and the choreography is layered on, and Kimberly goes through each dance set many times so you have plenty of opportunities to get the hang of it. While some other dance DVDs are confusing and leave a first-timer watching instead of doing, a novice would fall into step with this video.

With traditional dance basics like passe, attitude, plie, and gran plie, you're introduced to some of the fundamentals that create those gorgeous dancer legs. This is a pretty beginner workout and I wouldn't rely on it for toning my bottom half, but I'll keep it in my arsenal for those days when I want to increase my heart rate with a fun workout.

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