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Dealing with Your Bachelorette Party (or ANY) Hangover

It's Wedding Party Week here on the Sugar pages, and FitSugar has been loaded with some wonderful ideas for alternative bachelorette parties. However, if you are planning on going the traditional route you might just get loaded yourself. Here are a few tips for dealing with the hangover that might happen if you get a bit more than tipsy at your bachelorette party.

  • Drink water before you go to bed!!! It is no joke that alcohol dehydrates you.
  • Your skin will also feel the effects of dehydration from alcohol, so before you go to bed, slather on face moisturizer to prevent that dry feeling when you wake up.
  • Nip the headache in the bud and take two ibuprofen tablets, to help diminish the headache and body aches that accompany a hangover.
  • Clean up!!! Take a nice hot shower upon waking - alcohol resides in your pores, the steam from your hot shower will help sweat out the alcohol and the smell.
  • Juice it!!! Drink juice - fructose, such as honey or fruit juice, may help your body burn the alcohol faster.
  • Physical activity (wink - wink, nudge nudge) can help your body burn through the excess alcohol by eliminating the toxins by sweating.

My buddy DearSugar has some suggestions for dealing with hangovers.

Please remember to drink responsibly and never, ever drink and drive.


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