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Detox Dangers

Detoxing is hot right now. I am not really sure how this trend came to pass, but somehow forcefully purifying the body of harmful (or even worse, toxic) substances by running to the restroom every other minute seems to be the "thing" to do right now.

The thing is, our bodies (ones without major medical conditions) do a darn good job of getting rid of any toxins all by themselves. Remember your liver, kidneys and lungs? Yeah, detoxing the body is one of their jobs and those organs are good at it. MSNBC is backing this claim further in a recent report on detoxing. The report also says that headaches, fatigue, irritability, aches and pains, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, muscle breakdown, loss of 'good' bacteria and blood-sugar problems — not to mention frequent bowel movements — are just some of the lovely side effects to these detox plans. Sounds fun, eh?

I know a good detox sounds tempting, [insert sarcasm] especially after hearing the side effects, but if you want to lose a few pounds or rid your body from the toxins you've built up, then think about trying this 'health detox'. This means eating a low-fat, high fruit and veggie, high fiber diet. No funky concoctions or frequent pit stops, and the best part, you get to eat solid foods. As with anything, moderation is key and there is no silver bullet, albeit full of lemonade.

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