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Diet Tip: Choose Wet Snacks

I know it is easy to reach for chips, crackers or pretzels when you're experiencing a snack attack. Those crunchy carbs are easy to find. But here's a habit to try on for size, go out of your way to find a "wet" snack.

Foods rich in water tend to pack fewer calories into bigger servings and come with added fiber. I am thinking cucumbers, apples, bell peppers, celery or to go really wet, broth based (not cream, mind you) soups. These are known as nutrient dense because the ratio of nutrients to calories is high. Dry snacks, like granola bars, tend to be calorie dense and a snack of just carbs will generally end up making you hungry again soon.

Remember, when snacking it is good to have at least two of the macro nutrients, carbs, protein, and fat, on your plate. I like to crunch into a juicy (read wet) apple and to pair my fruit with a handful of nuts.

What is your favorite wet snack? Do share in the comments section below.


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