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Diet Tip: Skip The Predinner Cocktail

When eating out, oftentimes a predinner cocktail and dinner go hand-in-hand. However, if you are trying to lose weight or even just eating for health, the cocktail may not be the best idea.

Not only does a predinner cocktail add a few hundred calories to your dinner, before ever eating a single bite, it also inhibits your ability to make healthy and rational food choices. The burger and fries could look a lot more tasty after you've downed a vodka tonic, whereas if you just stick to water and then have that cocktail with dinner, making healthy decisions may come a lot easier. Maybe you'll still have that burger, but skip the fries and opt for a side salad. Or maybe once you check out the dessert menu, you'll decide to skip the booze altogether so you can indulge on chocolate cake.


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