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Do Women or Men Tolerate Cold Better?

Body Knowledge: Cold Hands, Warm Core?

The cooler temps of late Autumn spark what we call in our house the thermostat wars. Although the preferred temps in my home seem to vary greatly by gender, there is no clear-cut answer which sex tolerates cold better. Studies have found that women have a higher core temperature than men, but colder hands. I can vouch for the cold hands thing — can you? Although a warmer core temp means women are better able to protect their vital organs, all housed in the torso, cold hands mean less blood flow to extremities, creating an increased perception of cold. Then there is the theory that Aunt Ruby affects a woman's perception of cold. The changes in body temperature that accompany the menstrual cycle can affect the way a woman perceives cold temperatures. This theory is still under debate, but might be something to pay attention to when you reach for socks in the middle of the night.

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