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Do You Eat Poorly When You're Stressed Out?

Do You Eat Poorly When You're Stressed Out?

No stranger to the scrutinizing public eye, Jon Gosselin — the daddy half of Jon and Kate Plus 8 — has been put through the emotional wringer lately. I'm not here to pass judgment on his family matters, but to point out his not-so-healthy snack: a Vitamin Water and what looks to be a knock-off version of Twinkies. While the Vitamin Water is fortified with vitamins, it also contains its fair share of sugars. The sponge cake treat probably has no nutritional value. Are these two items similar to foods you choose when facing emotionally hard times? It's common to reach for sugary treats and carbs for a quick rush of serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical. I'm wondering about you . . .

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