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Don't Get Delayed on Burning Calories

Don't Get Delayed on Burning Calories

What is the worst thing about airplane travel this holiday season? (Aside from the fact that I can't bring a bottle of my beloved Penta on board.) The delays. UGH, the delays are the worst! Sometimes I sit there and caculate how much longer it would have really taken me if I had just driven. Now instead of just sitting there and getting mad, I have turned my bitterness into energy and I pass the time by powerwalking during any long layovers. Think about how big most major airports are -- you can walk miles! No one will think you're weird (or even notice you) because it just looks like you're trekking to get to your plane.

Fit's Tip: If you are really into this idea, try and use a backpack, or something you can easily move around with, as your carry-on bag.

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