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Don't Overdo When Getting Ready to Say "I Do"

Don't Overdo When Getting Ready to Say "I Do"

While I told you that it's never too early to get in shape for your wedding, I also wanted to add a few words of caution: Keep the weight loss in check!

It seems that as the trend for lavish and expensive weddings grows, brides are putting more and more pressure on themselves to be "perfect" for their wedding days. While this concept of perfection includes a fancy gown and professionally done hair and makeup, it is starting to include a body that is "red carpet" worthy. And for that "look" many women feel they need to lose weight. A recent study published in the journal Appetite found that 70 percent of brides felt the need to lose at least 20 pounds. While most women used their engagements to start a healthy weight loss and fitness plan, 20 percent of the 272 women interviewed succumbed to extreme dieting and dangerous behaviors like taking up smoking and vomiting between meals. Other unhealthy behaviors these women participated in included: skipping meals, going on liquid diets, fasting, or taking laxatives or unprescribed diet pills and supplements.

As a reminder I would like to state again that getting in shape and losing weight is a lifestyle change, and it takes time, patience and hard work. A healthy and reasonable weight loss rate is losing a maximum of two pounds a week. So, if you are getting ready to say "I do" just make sure you don't "over do." It might also help to brush up on how to steer clear of fad diets. When setting your goals for getting wedding ready, just make sure they are reasonable. Enter your marriage strong and healthy so the vow, "In sickness and in health" will truly resonate.

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