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Don't Be a Slouch

Don't Be a Slouch

Don't be a slouch! It really is no good for your spine, and we all recently learned that slouching is as bad as it looks. It undermines, not only the integrity of your spine, but all the ab work you do at the gym!

A few Sugar users have written in recently, with concerns about changing their posture. First off just thinking about standing up straight won't make good posture magically appear, although that is a good place to start. Good posture is a habit, a learned good behavior. So if you are now 22 and you have been slouching since you started to develop at age 12, relearning how to stand and sit will take some time and mental effort. The pay off is great though. You will look taller, thinner and have a healthier spine.

To see the posture checklist, just

Here's a posture checklist:

  1. Stand with your feet under your sits bones (yep those bones that you sit on that are the base of your pelvis). Your feet will only be about one of your own foot widths apart - not very wide. The weight on your feet should be balanced equally between the balls of your feet and your heels, as well as the inside and outside of your feet.
  2. Align your pelvis over your feet. Your pelvis should be level. Think of the pelvis like a wide soup bowl and you don't want the soup to spill over the front or the back of the bowl.
  3. Keep your ribcage directly over your pelvis. It is a common posture for the ribs to hang back behind the pelvis.
  4. Next place your shoulders right over your ribs.
  5. The skull should be right over your feet. Your earlobes should be in line with your shoulders - don't thrust your head forward.

Here's an image to help you: Imagine a golden string attached to the crown of your head. The string pulls you up and keeps your spine lifted and aligned.


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