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DrSugar Answers: Pelvic Stress Fracture and Sex?

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Dear DrSugar,
I am getting married and going on my honeymoon in less than a month. Yay! I just got diagnosed with a stress fracture of the inferior pubic ramus, presumably from too much running. Boo! My doc told me to limit my exercise to swimming or the arm cycle machine at the gym for at least the next four weeks. My concern is, since it is that my pubic bone that has the stress fracture, will I be able to have sex with my fiancé/husband or will that hurt the bone too?
Broken Bride

To see what DrSugar has to say about this unfortunately placed fracture,


First let me say congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Hopefully this injury won’t ruin the wedding or your honeymoon. The inferior pubic ramus is a bony structure in the pelvis, commonly referred to as the pubic bone. Stress fractures of the pubic ramus are fairly uncommon, but can occur in long distance runners, military recruits, and other athletes that sustain high impact activity for long periods of time. The damage to the pelvis develops because of repetitive impact that is absorbed by the pelvis while running. Common symptoms include groin pain while running, pain while standing or jumping on one leg, and pain when pressure is applied to the site of the stress fracture.

The good news is that the main treatment of pelvic stress fractures is to avoid running for at least a month, and perhaps longer, depending how long the pain persists. The average time to a full recovery is about 3-5 months. There are no specific recommendations against sex when you have a pelvic stress fracture, however it would be wise to avoid high impact motions or anything that causes groin pain — so you might need to experiment with different positions. A good rule of thumb when recovering from any stress fracture is to avoid painful activities and high impact activities like the ones that caused the injury in the first place. For further information consult your primary doc or orthopedist. Again, good luck with your wedding and honeymoon.

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