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During Childbirth, Do You Plan on Getting an Epidural?

No one needs to tell you that giving birth is a painful experience - we've all heard our fair share of horror stories. Thanks to modern science, an epidural is available if a woman doesn't want to or can't deal with the pain. It's basically a shot given in your spine that makes you have a loss of sensation and pain from your waist down.

Some women see giving birth as a natural experience, and want to be completely aware and in tune with what their body is feeling, so they wouldn't dream of getting drugs. Plus some women may argue that it's bad for the baby, and makes labor longer for everyone involved.

Other women go for the drugs because the pain of labor is way too unbearable not to. They'd equate it to getting a cavity drilled - would you go without Novocaine?

So I want to know...


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