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An Easy Way to Get a Quick Workout In...

Most of us value our TV time -- Heck, I’ll admit it: I love my TV time.

Next time you’re catching up on your nightly shows try this: March in place while the show is on - between commercial sets. I know it seems odd, because you want to watch the show and skip the commercials, but there are usually about 15 engaging minutes of story line between commercials. If you march in place while you're being entertained, you will get a good 15 minutes of marching in place without even noticing it. A 130 pound woman can burn about 192 calories for every half hour of rapidly marching in place. That’s pretty good for watching reruns of Grey’s, don’t you think?

Fit’s Tip: To really challenge yourself (and burn more calories), do intervals of raising your knees as high as you can.


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