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Eggs vs. Egg Beaters

Lately I've been hearing so many people talk about how they use Egg Beaters in place of eggs. Original Egg Beaters seem like a healthier alternative to eggs, because the label says it's made from real eggs and contains no cholesterol, but the truth is it only contains egg whites. That's where the protein comes from (6g per 1/4 cup serving). Then to make up for all the missing vitamins you'd get naturally from the egg yolk, synthetic vitamins, spices, and coloring are added back in to make them look and taste more like real eggs. From my experience, they look and taste a little weird.

To hear more about eggs, Egg Beaters, and your cholesterol then


Just because your cholesterol is high, doesn't mean you have to swear off real eggs forever. One egg contains 210 mg of cholesterol, and since the American Heart Association recommends no more than 300mg a day, it's OK to eat one whole egg every day if you wanted to (as long as you're limiting your intake of steak, cheese, and bacon. Plus you don't want to give up the yolk since it contains less sodium than the egg white, and is a great source of valuable vitamins such as hard to come by vitamin D, as well as calcium, and folate.

Since I'm a firm believer in eating foods as close to the real source as possible, I choose eggs over Egg Beaters. After all it is really not that difficult to separate your own egg whites. If you're concerned about your cholesterol, try eating one egg with two egg whites instead of two complete eggs. This way you'll get the benefits from the low calorie, low fat, and high protein of the egg whites, but you'll also get the vitamins found naturally in egg yolks and only 210 mg of cholesterol. Not to mention, it makes me feel better to eat an egg cracked open fresh from a shell, rather than poured out of a container.

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