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Ever Try a "Crazy" Fitness Product That Actually Worked?

Ever Try a "Crazy" Fitness Product That Actually Worked?

When I came across the "Snuggie Sauna" as a possible weight loss tool, which claims it can help you burn 600 calories in only 15 minutes, I maintained the same stance I usually reserve for products that seem too good to be true — they probably are.

So, it's been my fitness philosophy that the best weight loss results come the old-fashioned way, eating right and working hard. Still, I've definitely had some friends who buy into a quick fix every now and then — some who claim they've seen results using the portable thigh toner, and even the ab toning belt. So, tell me, have you ever had any luck with an unconventional weight loss or fitness product that actually delivered on its promise? Or are you inclined to stick to the basics when it comes to your fitness?

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