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Excuse Me EPA, There's Rocket Fuel in My Water

Excuse Me EPA, There's Rocket Fuel in My Water

Water is a basic necessity to all life, and the havoc we wreak on this planet eventually shows up in our water. The latest culprit is rocket fuel, or perchlorate, which is also used in fertilizer, fireworks and road flares. (What rocket fuel has to do with growing food is a mystery to me as well.)

Dangerous levels of perchlorate have been found in 395 public water sites, in 35 different states. According to some scientists, the levels of this toxic substance are high enough to interfere with thyroid function and can cause developmental health risks for babies and fetuses. Unfortunately, the EPA just concluded that there is no need to purge this particular contaminate from public drinking water. The draft document from the agency stated that mandating a clean-up level for the rocket fuel would not make a meaningful difference in reducing the risks posed by the chemical.

The EPA is essentially walking away from the issue, stating that the Pentagon did not pressure them, but that their findings are based on science. The Pentagon was a major contributor to the problem having used perchlorate in their aerospace and missile programs. The EPA does recognize that there are risks associated with the chemical and will work with states to reduce them. In fact, California and Massachusetts have already created laws regulating the amount of perchlorate allowed in public drinking water.

I must say this freaks me out a bit, and the fact that perchlorate has been found in lettuce fuels my fear (pun intended) even more. How do you feel about it? Tell me in the comments section below.


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