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Fast Food Mayhem

So I've broken down a lot of your favorite fast food spots, leaving you wondering if there is anything you can even eat out there. I understand the occasional fast food stop is unavoidable and you can do it in a healthy way, you just have to follow a few guidelines:

  • Don't super size. Most people eat way more than anyone ever should at a fast food restaurant because they can. Don't do it! Order small sizes.
  • Opt for places that offer "made to order" food. Like Subway for example, this way you can easily create a low calorie meal.
  • There's lots more, so

  • Stay away from all things fried. Fried foods are a diet killer. They are extremely high in calories and, for now at least, trans fats.
  • Salads are your friend. Almost every fast food joint offers a salad. Try getting a side salad instead of a side of fries. Watch out for croutons (or crispy noodles) and skip the dressing altogether (unless you have your own non-fat dressing on hand).
  • Fountain sodas are not your friend. Instead of soda you can get water, bottled water, iced tea... anything other than soda.
  • Hold the cheese and sour cream. They are loaded with calories and fat, not to mention trans fats. And we can only guess what goes into those cheese "like" sauces.
  • Get something other than a burger - a deli sandwich or a chicken sandwich (not fried). Just try to steer clear of the burgers.
  • Condiments pack a lot of calories. When ordering something, ask what is on it. Usually there is some mayo-concoction that is called "crazy sauce" or something similar that you may want to go without.
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