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Fat March: Episode One Recap

Raise your hand if you watched Fat March on ABC last night....

My hand is raised but not proudly. As one of the biggest fans of The Biggest Loser, Fat March could have also been one of my favorites, however it didn't even come close. The show starts off with twelve contestants who are obese, who apparently knew they were going on the show to lose weight, but they weren't sure as to how. The premise was revealed as this: The contestants will be granted $100,000 each if they all walk 500 miles. Oddly, it kind of reminds me of a hodgepodge of all the reality shows currently on TV. There are challenges along the way and contestants get voted off. Each person that leaves the march, either by quitting or getting voted off, means $10,000 less in the jackpot for those that make it to the end. So far, the group is down to $80,000 -- This is because one person quit and another was voted off. I will be shocked if they end up with any money at the finish line.

I see how ABC could have thought this was a good idea for a show, but it does fall short. The reason I like The Biggest Loser is because it offers many tips for the viewers to lose weight. It is motivational and inspirational. The contestants work their asses off and it shows. The Fat March did not offer any tips and came off as just a bunch of folks whining about having to walk. Also, walking 13 miles per day is not something an average person can integrate into their daily life and it's just not realistic for those of us watching.

One thing I do think was interesting was to see how hard walking was on the contestants' bodies. 2.5 miles was all they had to walk on day one and it was incredibly hard for them. This is because the extra weight an obese person puts is the pressure of seven times their body weight on their knee joints each time they take a step. As a result most of the contestants had hardly walked around the block in the past few years, let alone a mile or two. One thing to be learned from this is the enormous toll fat can take on your body. Test yourself and try to walk 2.5 miles on your own in one day (either outside or on the treadmill). If that proves too difficult, you more than likely seriously need to get in shape.

I'm going to keep watching the show because I want to see how much weight they end up losing. Did any of you guys watch it? What did you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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