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A Fat Rant: What's Your Response?

A Fat Rant: What's Your Response?

I am not sure if any of you guys have seen this video floating around the web, but I find it fascinating. That is all I am going to say, so check it out and let me know what you think.

This would be the perfect opportunity for you guys to try out a new feature on TeamSugar: Create Your Own Video. The super easy instructions are here. Make sure to embed them in a comment below in response to the fat rant video. This is going to be fun and I can not wait to see your video comments!

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Posh-Vee Posh-Vee 9 years
Argh ! I understand the whole loving one's self bit , but saying it's ok to be fat is not the right message to send. Everyone including myself have had moments where we wanted to do extreme things to lose weight.Those who let their self esteem get the best of them do those extreme things to either lose weight or continue to beat them selves up. Others educate themseles and try to make some sort of effort to be healthy. Some of the things that I read ( from the email I recieved ) came from someone who went through a horrible experience but didn't have the knowledge to help herself. Yes you have to teach YOURSELF to love yourself but telling your self that your healthy with a high body fat percentage and an unhealthy diet is just ridiculous. Youu should be exercising and eating a clean healthy diet and when you notice that your not losing anymore weight don't trip out. It's called a plateau , happens to all of us. Like I said before we are all not going to look rail thin, or like fitness models, we are going to look like ourselves just healthier and happier.
Posh-Vee Posh-Vee 9 years
Argh ! I understand the whole loving one's self bit , but saying it's ok to be fat is not the right message to send. Everyone including myself have had moments where we wanted to do extreme things to lose weight.Those who let their self esteem get the best of them do those extreme things to either lose weight or continue to beat them selves up. Others educate themseles and try to make some sort of effort to be healthy. Some of the things that I read ( from the email I recieved ) came from someone who went through a horrible experience but didn't have the knowledge to help herself. Yes you have to teach YOURSELF to love yourself but telling your self that your healthy with a high body fat percentage and an unhealthy diet is just ridiculous. Youu should be exercising and eating a clean healthy diet and when you notice that your not losing anymore weight don't trip out. It's called a plateau , happens to all of us. Like I said before we are all not going to look rail thin, or like fitness models, we are going to look like ourselves just healthier and happier.
truekiller truekiller 9 years
I might just have to include my personal story into this because I feel very strongly about this subject since I can relate to what she's saying about the connotation "fat" has in our society. I had an eating disorder when I was in high school. I ate like I had a sickness. I used to chug down water based soup and nothing else until my stomach/intestines got so weak, I couldn't eat solid food without vomiting. Slowly, I got my intestines to get reacquainted with solid foods again. I struggled to be loved by my own indirect family members (aunts, uncles, in competition with cousins for being favored/adored by aunts and uncles). I did track (4 years), judo (1 year), soccer (3 years),in high school. I even had time to be in student government, sports editor for the school newspaper and be an officer in the school's hiker's club... I took diet pills along with my busy schedule (the ones with ephedra before they banned them). At my peak, I was 150 pounds,5'4" resting heart rate of 56, blood pressure of 92/66,... but sometimes suffered from blackouts on the field. I was athletic, but didn't look it. I had a gut (the very last place people lose weight at and the fat there is very resistant to exercise), chubby appendages, and broad shoulders. I felt like all my efforts were just for acceptance in the family. If I could blame someone, I would blame my father for my genetic disposition of being "fat", but it wouldn't be right to blame my parents for having been born. I would blame my resistant and unresponsive metabolism for my chunky appearance, but what's the point, right? I even had a gym membership! after soccer or track practices, I'd head to the gym and run for an hour and a half and do crazy weight repetitions just hoping that my body will eventually respond better (metabolically). The obsession ran my life during those times. I couldn't accept it in my head that I won't ever have hips like my cousin or have abs like my other cousin and they were of average proportions. The woman in the video did include exercise in her mini segment... I remember her wearing workout clothes. I empathized with her in how people in the gym with their tight physiques would judge people fatter than themselves because I do compare myself with other people in the gym, but I won't judge the fat person... I do the opposite. I compare myself to skinnier girls. I still piggyback my workout to compare myself with the skinniest b*tch in the gym and knowing I am stronger and have greater endurance than her gives me great satisfaction. I could hear the words last said by my uncle last year about me needing to "reduce" as I ate a mango in front of him. I ran and climbed steep rocks with my brother in pinecrest and yosemite to front to my uncle that I didn't have a problem and that he had a problem with me. I have to work and go to school and what little time I have left, I prioritize assignments over going to the gym. and yes, I have a gym membership and exercise when I can, but won't sacrifice 5 hours of sleep over it. I'm healthy with bp running around 110/70 at rest... resting heart rate of 64/min. blood sugar at 93 (fasting 12 hours) and normal range ldl and hdl. I am healthy, but my BMI measurement would prove otherwise. I support myself and I can't say others have it harder or a lot easier than me, but I just know that people who do not have weight issues will not understand the stigma behind being "not of normal proportion." They will probably have a hard time understanding what message is being said in this video. It's not about promoting fatness, people; it's about promoting social awareness for acceptance and practicing self love. Because if you hate yourself, you're creating your own enemy. I know the lesson, first-hand. I felt I just had to disclose all that I wrote so that people can learn from it and not remain ignorant. If it wasn't for this holiday weekend, I would have just scoffed off other people's ignorant responses. I just hope other people can read this response and have an enlightening experience. If not, let's put you in a fat suit like Tyra Banks and see what kind of reactions you get from the public.
Posh-Vee Posh-Vee 9 years
I remember watching this video and being very ticked off. It's great if this woman's self esteem is that high but she's only fooling herself if she says she's healthy . A high body fat percentage is unhealthy, no one is expected to be a size 2 or look like a fitness or figure competitor ( hell they don't look like that all the time ) but saying that it's ok to be fat is just wrong. This kind of message is just plain wrong.
truekiller truekiller 9 years
For people to fully associate weight with health is wrong. Real doctors take into account physical activity, diet, bone structure (i.e. family history), body shape ...among other things. I'm not saying that really really really fat people are healthy. I'm just saying that people won't know what I mean unless they had stepped into our (of "fat" people) shoes. Everybody has fat, but for skinny to regular sized people to act like fat is grotesque must really loathe themselves. I can say that I'm not as "fat" as the girl on the flick... I love my Banana Republic and BCBG Maxazaria ("normal" sizes) that I so happen to be wearing right now. But no doctor would ever say that I can ever be a size 4 and be healthy. Contemplate on that.
wizfirex wizfirex 9 years
phatE.... are you her doctor? How do you know she isn't healthy? You cannot judge health by looks alone. It's just impossible to do. To judge her health you would have to see her medical records. You would have to know exactly how tall she is. You would have to test her blood sugar, test her cholesterol... all of these things you'd have to do to KNOW weather or not she's healthy. A bodybuilder who does nothing but eat salads and soups and grains and vegetables and stands 5'10 and weighs 230 pounds... Is not fat. Probably has almost NO body fat. But if they came in and said... I'm 5'10 and I weigh 230, the immediate response would be OOOH YOU'RE FAT! LAZY BUM! STOP EATING TWINKIES! I am fat. I know I'm fat. It's in my state of mind and in my height and weight ratio. I'm fat. I'm not only fat. I am "morbidly obese". My blood sugar is fine. My cholesterol is normal. That doesn't mean I'm healthy. I'm not. I know that. I should go and exercise. Anyone who walked by and saw me sitting at a restaurant or in a car would think. Ugg. What a lazy pig. She's HUGE! She needs to seriously get out and exercise and eat right! I was BORN big. My mother was a size 2-4 up until she got pregnant with me. I have been big from day one. In grade school, I was on the girl's softball team. I was a grade school cheerleader. Junior high I was in basketball... I -never- lost a -pound-. I was a size 18 when in basketball. A size 9 or 10 at in grade school when in cheerleading and softball... At that time, my family -always- cooked good home-cooked meals. We didn't have chips and ice cream and junk food because we were poor. We couldn't afford those 'luxuries' except for once a month and seriously how long is a bag of cheetos or a box of ice cream going to last a family of five one time per month? Not long. In my house, if there ever WERE sweets or junk food... you were lucky if you got one SINGLE serving. Most of us, didn't even get that because my brother and sister were the pigs. And yes, they are both big. My sister was lucky. She got my mother's genes from my mother's side of the family. That girl COULD have been tiny. But not with how she eats. That's HER fault. I was born this way. I didn't get the luxury of choosing to be fat. I took after my dad's side where everyone is 300+ pounds or more. My uncle on my dad's side does -nothing- but eat healthy food. He doesn't drink sodas. He doesn't eat junk. He won't even BUY bread unless it's wheat bread. If there IS a soda in his house, it's a diet one. Mostly he drinks water or sugar free tea. He has spent THOUSANDS on trying to loose weight. He's tried everything from diet and exercise, to more extreme measures like stomach stapling and other things. He is -still- 300 pounds or more. His LIFESTYLE is a healthy one. Yet he's still overweight. I have never seen the man eat a fatty or 'processed' food in my entire life and I practically grew up at his house. Now I said earlier in this post, if anyone looked at me just sitting at a restaurant or at a park or in my car or something. They would immediately think 'Ugg. What a lazy pig. She's HUGE! She needs to seriously get out and exercise and eat right!' They're right. I DON'T exercise. I don't eat right. I DO have bad genetics. Sure these may be written off as 'excuses' but... when someone can give me an answer to these questions that WORK... I'll get skinny. All of the little *'s above the questions are explanations leading into the question asked below them. * I'm in a wheelchair and can't walk. I'm sure there's some way for me to work my stomach muscles and maybe even burn calories, but... I don't know how. 1. How can I do exercise? * When I could walk, I was in basketball and cheerleading and softball and later on, rode my bike or walked 5 miles a day to try and loose weight. I didn't loose a pound. 2. What good is exercising going to do my weight if all of that does nothing? * I lived in a children's home and because they decided I was fat and needed to loose weight; I was put on a 1 serving, no dessert diet of broccoli, salad, cottage cheese, etc and only allowed to drink water... I lost 5 pounds the first month... and gained 30 in the months following. They had a professional dietitian, a nurse, a medically healthy diet, and daily exercise. I -GAINED- weight and 2 pant sizes (which I haven't been able to loose since.) 3. What kind of 'eating right' is good for me if I gained weight by eating the healthy food I was prescribed by a nurse and dietitian alongside of daily exercise? * I am in a very low income situation. Because of my legs, finding work that I am -able- to do, is difficult. I can go to Wal-Mart and buy one of those personal sized Totino's Pizza for 1.00 and that's 1 meal for me. It's actually a bit more than 1 meal as I can't eat a whole thing, even though they aren't very big. 4. What kind of health food can I buy with 1.00 that doesn't taste horrible and will make a full meal where I don't feel hungry afterwards or shortly after eating. I only eat two meals a day because money's so tight. * I have some genetic dental problems that I am working on getting fixed. It's slow going because each dentist's visit is 75.00 due day of service. I cannot eat anything that's A) Too hard. B) Too cold C) Too sweet. D) Too hot. E) Too chewy. 5. What kind of health food can I buy (a full meal) for 1.00 that isn't any of the above? (Though obviously, health food isn't going to be sweet.) These are NOT excuses. These are simple -facts- about -me- personally. I don't care if you think that I'm lazy or if you think that I'm fat, or if you think that I'm disgusting. I don't care. My being fat doesn't cost the government a dime because I'm not on any government founded insurance or healthcare. Everything I pay, I pay out of my pocket-- Money me or my spouse has earned that the government is happily taxing out the rear. So... No one can say my 'fatness' is costing anyone anything because it isn't. I don't sit around and eat Twinkies all day and do nothing. I -can't- eat sweets or chips even because of my mouth. I had the first bowl of ice cream in over six months just a couple of days ago and that's all I had. 1 bowl-- and it hurt my mouth so bad, it'll be well over another six months before I even consider attempting anything sweet again. Sure, I don't eat healthy, but I'm happy to hear answers to the questions I posted above and if someone can tell me a varied selection of full meals I can buy for 1.00, which is about all my limited budget allows for, and a proven work-out routine that you DON'T have to have legs to do... I'll try it gladly! ~~ Just one more 'fatty' as we were called by someone in a previous post... a post that -really- should be reported. It's offensive, narrow minded, unintelligent, and childish.
phatE phatE 9 years
at the risk of sounding horrible.. she's not healthy and acts like being at an unhealthy weight should be celebrated.
sevendayrain sevendayrain 9 years
I really like this video. I love how she can be comfortable with herself and be open about it.:)
hellosdkitty hellosdkitty 9 years
I'm eat healthily and work out. I'm not perfect or a size zero and never claimed to be. I also never claimed that media portrayals of women are healthy either. Read.
chancleta chancleta 9 years
OMG I love this video She hit several nails on the head 1. Some people work out, eat right, and are still considered "fat" 2. Genetics are a hard thing to beat. I heart this video and you'll have to excuse me now because I have to send it to everyone I know!
Community-Manager Community-Manager 9 years
Hey Everyone, Please make sure when you comment that you respect other people's opinions! We do not tolerate attacks on other users and please, feel free to report any comments that are offensive. Thanks team
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 9 years
You must be perfect, right? The perfect little size six that "AMERICA" expects from their women? You must have absolutely no flaws at all to be able to criticize others so harshly. You judge anyone that isn't perfect like you with such hate - how do you get through your life!? How do you have ANY friends at all!? Or wait, are they all perfect too? We may have MORE obese people now, but there have been heavy people since the beginning of TIME - and they had to walk everywhere, didn't have TV or processed food and yet, STILL big. In fact, before media became an obsession the body of a woman was considered MORE beautiful post-child - with the big hips and flabby stomach. I will continue to do what is healthy for me to make myself healthy. Yet, I will never fit into that coveted size "ZERO" or even probably a six. And I really don't care. I believe people who spend their lives judging and criticising other people will end their own being judged and criticised harder than you can ever imagine.
hellosdkitty hellosdkitty 9 years
Beyond Stellar, Again all I hear are excuses. If you're arguments hold true why are American's more overweight than people of other nations??? They have different genes than other people in other parts of the world? We have a lifestyle in the US that permits us to be overweight. We don't walk anywhere, watch too much tv and eat tons of processed food. I don't think nature ever intended that. Why is being honest and calling someone fat when they are malicious? Should I not say someone is blonde or has brown eyes too? Is that malicous? It is what it is. We all have eyes and can see, I just happen to say what everyone else is thinking.
beyondstellar beyondstellar 9 years
hellosdkitty- wow. I don't mean to be rude, but people have different bodies, metabolisms, and process food differently. Some people (not necessarily anorexic, because that is a mental disorder, but def very skinny people) can not eat enough to gain weight. It is the same for overweight people. You can eat well and exercise but your body simply does not want to give up the fat stores that it is saving for a future famine (this is how people's bodies were designed-to retain fat in case food isnt available in the future), it is a difficult process to fight nature and genes. It is pretty insensitive of you to say that overweight people don't love their bodies, you obviously haven't been there, so how bout you keep those malicious/judgemental comments to yourself!
hellosdkitty hellosdkitty 9 years
Fat people don't love their bodies or themselves.The same way anorexics don't. And for the all the fat people who work and watch what they eat but are still fat you sound about as rediculous as the anorexic models who say they eat fried twinkies for breakfast and can't gain weight. People need to stop whining and take responsibility for their actions.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 9 years
I'm only reading a couple other comments, so sorry if I'm reiterating someone else's point, but if you actually watched the whole thing (I know it's long), she says "I exercise, I eat healthy - I'm STILL fat." She does everything to take care of herself, all she's saying is for people to come out of the shell they live in and live for living not for pleasing other people with their looks. It's funny how other people try to tell someone else how they "should" be. Take a look in the mirror and see what you can fix about yourself. Like I tell my ten-year-old: "Worry about YOU. They can take care of themselves." Maybe a little work on your negativity and judgemental attitudes for a few of you.
candy-apple candy-apple 9 years
exactly, sperle 25, a negativity that we just witnessed in so many of the above postings.. its sad, really.
sperle-25 sperle-25 9 years
my first thought is that she doesnt even look "fat". maybe overweight, but not "fat". my second thought is that most of the posts here focused on health or being happy with yourself. the biggest message that i personally got out of the video is that society treats "fat" people like crap and its not fair. yes, its unhealthy to be "fat", just like its unhealthy to smoke cigarettes. but you dont see the kind of abuse towards smokers that "fat" people get. i think the video was her way of helping herself and other "fat" people deal with the negativity received from all angles of society.
smarler smarler 9 years
I think she was spot-on. The best way to be thin? Have two thin parents, and four thin grand parents. We're not all destined to be waifs.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Totally agree with asco. It kind of bothers me that everyone is so obsessed with whether or not this woman is healthy. What's with the fascism? Of course everybody SHOULD be healthy. Everybody SHOULD be perfect in every way. But, who the heck is? Health is important to me, and I gather to a lot of you in this thread. But, I don't feel its my mission to impose that priority on everyone else. Kind of reminds me of the overzealous religious types who are so concerned with everybody else's spiritual health...
natalieb1 natalieb1 9 years
Did anyone here notice the part in the video where she says you SHOULD exercise no matter what? I think that most people got completely turned off by the concept and tuned out most of the video. She spent a significant amount of time saying that you should NOT sit around and eat junk food and that you should exercise no matter what size you are. Speaking as a large woman myself, I know that part of the anxiety of exercising when you are fat is the idea that people are staring (and they DO) at the fat girl running. It can be very intimidating and I think that Joy has a point. Sometimes fat becomes a prison in which you think, you are not allowed or deserve to treat yourself right. And just as anorexia is a disease, so is compulsive over eating. Just a thought.
eaker eaker 9 years
I thought this video had a very positive message. I also am a little appalled that so many people assume that if you're fat it's because you eat twinkies all day and don't do exercise. I am physically repulsed by the amount of food my roommate eats, and her relative inactivity . . . she's four dress sizes smaller than me. Conversely I'm in the gym five days a week and watch my calories closely, I'm still overweight. While I do think that people--not just fat people, all people--need to be more cognizant of their food intake, I also think it's very unfair to make such unflattering generalizations about a person's lifestyle based on their size.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
It's great that she feels wonderful in her own skin. However you can still love yourself like that while being at a healthy weight. Why not give yourself the gift of a longer lifespan? Because living a long life is not easy, you have to work for it; eat right and work out. I'm not saying she should be a model size but I am saying it would be in her interest to reconsider staying at a high weight.
asco00 asco00 9 years
I think people are missing the point here. This woman stated clearly that she works out and plays sports. The point is clear that people need to have a different outlook on their weight. I'm 175 lbs and 5'4", when you look at those two numbers I am fat, actually not just fat obese. I'm cool with it, do you want to know why. I have 26% body fat. Look it up. I work out daily, I eat right but I don't "diet". Is there room for improvement absolutely. The point of this woman's rant in my opinion is that we don't need to justify who we are and we aren't defined by our weight. I have a girlfriend who has lost 100 lbs, she is a size 8, and she still thinks she's fat. She still thinks that she doesn't look good in a bathing suit. She still thinks she has pounds to lose. It's all about how you look at things. I think the "attack" on this woman's attitude is a reflection of her exact point.
sparklestar sparklestar 9 years
I like what she has to say.. but with my 18.5% body fat I'm still going to outlive her by a good few years. >.< As other users have said - exercising and maintaining a healthy diet is a far healthier attitude than just accepting you are "fat". I'm sorry but I /do/ judge people who are fat. Simply because I've been there myself and had to work damned hard to get the body which I have now. If I can do it, why can't the overweight woman I work with who stuffs her face with chocolate and has dessert every dinner?
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