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Fit Edible Gift: Dressed-Up Oatmeal

I'm trying to save a little money this holiday season while striving to give gifts that everyone will love. Edible gifts are always a treat, but the people on my list would be shocked if I brought them a tin of homemade fudge — not to mention they're probably on sugar overload from all of the seasonal treats.

I'm putting a little of my FitSugar self into my homemade gifts this year by assembling containers of dressed-up oatmeal for my neighbors and friends. Find out how to put together these inexpensive, edible gifts when you


  1. Find a jar or container to hold the oatmeal and add-ins. If you don't have any lying around, consider heading to a local thrift store to pick up a bunch of unique mason jars that won't cost much.
  2. Use steel cut or five-minute oats as your first layer.
  3. Include any add-ins that you please! Mine is made with dried cranberries and walnuts, but the combinations are endless. This is a great way to use extra ingredients you may have leftover from holiday baking, like pecans or raisins.
  4. Be sure to attach a card that explains how to make the oatmeal, even if you think it's obvious.
  5. Add a ribbon, and you're finished!

The recipients of your dressed-up oatmeal will surely appreciate the gift of a healthy, warm breakfast treat during these cold months. For more gift ideas, don't miss all our great holiday gift guides.

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