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Fit Find Faves: Last Little Bits of Summer

Summer is almost over and scrolling through all the Fit Finds made me realize there is still so much fun to squeeze into the last little bit of summer.

First off, Macmeggy bookmarked a really cute tennis outfit and I realized that I have not played nearly enough tennis. Next date with my hubbie will not be a movie, I am going to make him "court me!" Get it?

I am loving this sexy yoga top that nefertiti found. I have done lots of yoga this summer so this top reminds me to show off my shoulders more! Swimming also helped shape my shoulders, and this swim suit that dcartjunkie bookmarked makes me realize my days of swimming laps outside are numbered. I better get to the pool.

Last but not least, my feet long to wear these flip flops tdamji found. They are made from 85% recycled materials! I can cool my toes and fight climate change at the same time.

Check out what other Sugar users are bookmarking as Fit Finds. Chances are high you will find something to satisfy the happy, healthy you. If you want to lean more about bookmarking in the Sugar pages, read my buddy geeksugar's excellent tutorial.

If you find anything out there on the web that helps you stay happy and healthy, do bookmark it and share it with us.

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