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Fit Tip: Don't Walk With Dumbbells

Fit Tip: Don't Walk With Dumbbells

Walking is a great form of exercise, since it's low impact, you can do it anywhere, it can get your heart pumping (if you walk fast enough), and it burns calories. I've seen many women trying to up their game by holding dumbbells as they walk to either burn more calories or tone their upper arms, but it's such a bad idea. Swinging that extra weight is a great way to tear a muscle or injure your shoulder joint. The same goes for ankle weights. If you wear them while walking, you might as well sign yourself up for a knee injury.

You should know that for every 10 pounds you add to your body while walking, you only burn about five to eight extra calories per mile. That's not much, and if you compare that to walking a quarter of a mile, a 150-pound person burns about 20 calories. So you're better off reducing your risk of injury by walking a little longer instead. Also dumbbells and ankle weights are meant to be used for stationary strengthening exercises. So do your arm and leg exercises after you walk, not during.

Want to know how to burn more calories on your walks? Then

To burn more calories on your walks, pick up the pace and walk faster, or walk for a longer period of time. Walking up stairs or up hills will also burn more calories too, as well as tone your glutes and thighs. If you must challenge yourself by adding extra weight to your walk, try wearing a weighted vest. Your torso is strong enough to carry the extra load, and since it's not moving a whole lot (like your arms and legs do), there's less risk for strain or other injury.


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