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Fit Tip: Don't Work So Hard All the Time

Fit Tip: Don't Work So Hard All the Time

If you have a competitive personality or you're really motivated to stick to your fitness plan, you probably love intense workouts. While it's great to do exercise that gets your heart and body in shape, it's not healthy to push yourself so hard all the time. This intense physical stress on your body
can cause repetitive stress injuries. Also, research shows that moderate exercise may be better for your heart than vigorous workouts, and what really matters is how often you exercise, not how hard. If you push yourself hard every time you work out, emotionally, you can become obsessed about it, and you'll end up feeling bad about yourself when you don't reach your goals.

So instead of working out intensely all the time, be sure to give yourself a day or two off in between your challenging workouts. You can still exercise, but maybe focus on low impact types of exercise such as walking or taking a class. When it comes to your intense workouts, try to include interval training, where you alternate between a few minutes of working aggressively and a few minutes of recovery and resting. The change of pace is really good for your heart, lungs, and stamina. Also try to include exercises that target areas of your body that you tend to forget about. Not only will this give your overused muscles a break, but it will help you have a stronger body overall.

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