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Fit Tip: Exercise Even If You're Sore

Fit Tip: Exercise Even If You're Sore

The day after a grueling strength-training session or lengthy bike ride always leaves me deliciously sore. Yes, I admit that I love the feeling of sore muscles, but on those days, I often feel like skipping out on exercise. While days of rest are definitely necessary and a great reward for a previous day's hard work, a little soreness is no excuse to ditch the gym entirely. A light workout will actually help alleviate some of the tightness and tenderness you feel. I'm in no way encouraging you to do a 10-mile run, or 30-minute session of squats and lunges. Take it easy and go for a relaxing walk, do some stretching, or even a short jog. The light exercise will get blood pumping to your muscles, and afterward, your soreness should feel much less painful. I will say that if you wake up and are extremely sore, as in you-can't-even-walk sore, then a day or more of rest will probably be more beneficial.

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