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Fit Tip: Move While You Wait

Yesterday I went through my day and payed attention to all the times I am waiting. I waited in line at the grocery store, 5 minutes. I waited for the super-duper slow elevator here at Sugar HQ, 5 minutes. I waited for the bus in the morning, 10 minutes. I waited for my dog to find the absolutely perfect spot to relieve himself, 10 minutes (he's old and picky). I waited on hold with my hotel that screwed up a reservation, 10 minutes. That alone is 40 minutes of time that I spend waiting on any given day.

What I have decided is in the time I spend waiting, I could do little exercises. So for example, this morning while I waited for my dog to relieve himself, I did squats. When I was waiting for the elevator, and no one was there, I did more squats. I am not saying that you should drop and do 10 push ups in the middle of a crowded grocery store line, unless you don't embarrass easily, but just look at your day and really see where you spend time waiting and see how you can fit a little movement into it. Chances are you'll find pockets of 5 or 10 minutes where you can multitask and get fit while you wait.


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