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Fit Tip: Shhh . . . Work Out Quietly

One thing I have learned from Pilates and yoga is that moving slowly with precision and finesse is a lot more work than heedlessly throwing your body around. One way to work on your control (one of the fundamentals of Pilates) is to listen to yourself. If you are running on a treadmill and stomping all kinds of crazy, you are not working your control or your core. Pull up your abs, engage the pelvic floor, and try to run as quietly as possible; this will also take some of the stress out of your leg joints, too, making it a win/win situation.

Say you’re doing some plyometric jump training, make those landings as soft as possible. When you can no longer land without making a big noise, you should stop what you are doing and move onto another exercise. Form over quantity is always the rule with plyometric training. Listening to your landings can help you gauge your technique.

When practicing lunges, make your step forward or back as controlled as possible. Don’t fling your feet out away from you. Working with quiet control means you’re engaging your core muscles to help spread the work and impact around.


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