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Fitness Gifts for A White Elephant Gift Exchange

Fit Gift Guide: White Elephant

Christmas is so near. I can feel it nipping at my heels. I have been sharing some gift guides with you, but in terms of humor, this one takes the cake.

Gag gifts go a long way in my family. It is a hearty tradition! Here are some White Elephant, I mean Ele-fit gifts, for you to consider.

  • Flip-flop Socks: Yep, these split-toe socks were designed especially to be worn with flip-flops. The split is strategically placed to accommodate the thong — the toe kind.
  • Wholesome Wear Swim Suit: This modest swim wear that leaves a lot for the imagination. It combines the swimsuit and beach cover up into one garment. It protects from lustful gazes as well as sun rays.
  • Z-CoiL Sneakers: If Dr. Seuss designed orthopedic shoes, he might have dreamed these up. The shoes are designed to help relieve foot, leg, and back pain by reducing impact to the body.
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