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Fittingly Mad: A Band-Aid in the Shower at the Gym

One reason I picked the gym I go to is because I felt it was clean. Cleanliness, when it comes to the gym, especially in the locker room, is pretty important to me. Well, I think that I may have been duped by my gym. Here's why:

At the gym I use the same shower each time because it has the best water pressure, weird that I know that, but I do. In the past month or so I have noticed that there is a used band-aid wedged into the corner of the shower and it's always there.

Two things about this annoy me. First of all, who doesn't have the common courtesy to throw their used band-aid out rather than sticking it in the cracks of the shower? Who does that? Second of all, why has my gym not removed the band-aid yet? I feel bad because I've been tracking it, rather than being the bigger person and actually doing something about it myself. I know I could pick it up on my own, but I am so grossed out by it that I don't think I could physically do it without throwing up. Here's the thing - I'm going to tell someone at some point, but I was just waiting to see how long it would go. Plus, I am thinking about using it as evidence for when I call them out on not cleaning the locker rooms thoroughly.

All I ask is a clean place to clean myself, is that too much? People (aka, me) pay good money to use that gym and a clean shower is something that I think we can all expect.

So I'm torn, but most of all, I am annoyed. What would you guys do about the gross band-aid that's been in the gym shower for at least a month? Pick it up? Tell someone? Take time lapsed pictures? Quit the gym? Please help!


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