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Fittingly Mad: Camel Ads in GLAMOUR?!

In case there were still a few souls left on the planet who haven't yet heard that smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer and other serious health risks, Glamour magazine is reaching out to them with Camel cigarette ads. Yup. I found one in the November issue. WTF?!

I wanted to give Glamour the benefit of the doubt, so I perused through previous issues. I was pissed to find another Camel ad in the September issue and an ad for Pall Mall cigarettes in the July issue! I thought maybe it was a fashion mag thing, because I found them in Nylon too, but I didn't find any in Cosmo or Allure.

I know these mags gets oodles of money for ads, but they should really get their message straight. On one page they're encouraging you to treat depression with exercise, and then a couple of pages later, they're saying to light up a ciggie.

I'm so glad that cigarette ads are banned from TV, and I'm looking forward to the day when they are ditched altogether. At least mags are required to plaster the Surgeon General's warning that says, "Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health." Duh. I wish it would say something more like, "Smoking kills, so don't start."

What do you guys think about cigarette ads? Have you seen many of them? Do they tick you off or do you think people are smart enough to know the dangers of smoking, so the ads don't matter?

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