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Fittingly Mad: Cool Whip Free

It was a hot day and I found myself grocery shopping. When I am with my girls, even when they are behaving themselves, I employ the "get in, get out" strategy: Take a grocery list, shop the perimeter, placate with a bagel when necessary, pay for the food and get out of the store. It was a hot day, so the three of us lingered, a little too long, in the frozen food section. We needed waffles, and I noticed some Cool Whip Free. Imagining I could use it to concoct some kind of healthy, low fat frozen dessert, I tossed some into my shopping cart.

When I got home and read the ingredients, I had to ask the question "Cool Whip Free? Free of what?" Cool Whip Free may be low in carbs and low in calories, but it is not free of a few things I try to avoid. The top four ingredients are: water, corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable (coconut and palm kernel oils), and high fructose corn syrup.

The first ingredient is water. Fine. I have no problem with water. It only makes sense that a "lite" dessert topping would be made from something with no calories, but let us not forget that water really has no flavor. It is the next three ingredients added to the water that make me shudder. I love the fact that regular corn syrup is not enough to sweeten this dessert topping, that high fructose corn syrup was needed as well.

My favorite touch, however, is the asterisks Kraft added to the right of the ingredient "partially hydrogenated oil." The asterisk leads me to a little informational gem of a footnote that reads, "Adds a negligible amount of fat." Thanks, Kraft I feel so much better about the fact that you can use partially hydrogenated oil, keep the amount per serving to below 0.5 gram, and still claim your product is trans fat free.

Needless to say, once I read the ingredients of Cool Whip Free, I made myself free of it. I tossed it without even opening it. That night, for dessert we had fresh berries for dessert. Just berries, free of any high fructose corn syrup and trans fats. They were delicious!!!!

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