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Fittingly Mad: Don't Touch Me - Yoga Assists Gone Wrong

Fittingly Mad: Don't Touch Me - Yoga Assists Gone Wrong

Over the holidays, I went to a Primary Series yoga class. I pretty much knew what to expect - the sequencing of postures is the same no matter where you take it. But I wasn't expecting Mr. Touchy-Feely Yoga Assistant.

Getting assists in class can be awesome - when they're done correctly and with respect. Assists help with your alignment, and can safely and comfortably get you deeper into a pose.

But this guy was clearly new to assisting, and didn't really have the ever so important "gift of touch." It was more like the "gift of force."

I was peacefully in Butterfly Pose, just enjoying the moment, and Mr. I-Know-What-I'm-Doing came up behind me. Before I could say a thing - he placed both hands on my knees, put his sweaty chest on my back and leaned all his weight into me. I felt a piercing pain in my left hip.

"Oww," I yelled, and pushed him off with my back. "Oh, was that too much," he said. I politely nodded, but thought, "Uh, yeah, you idiot. Don't touch me ever again."

So here's the deal. Only qualified and experienced people, should be laying a finger on you, and only when and if you want them to.

Fit's Tips: Before a new class of any kind, let the instructor know if you have an injury or if you prefer to be left alone. After going to the class for a while, the instructor will get to know your body's limitations, so when they do touch you, they'll know how in a helpful and respectful way.

And be sure to speak up. If someone's doing something you don't like, be sure to tell them instead of breathing through it. Nothing should hurt or make you feel bad in any way.

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