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Fittingly Mad: Fad Diets

I understand that time is ticking and we are always looking for results that are quick and rapid. I understand where that comes from, but where does it stop?

The thing about it all that frustrates me the most is that when it comes to your body, quick and rapid are not terms that we should be looking for -- Especially when it comes to weight loss and exercise. Fad diets, much like cosmetic surgery, diet pills and steroids all promise fast results and America is definitely buying (literally and figuratively) into it.

A look at the top ten searches containing the term "diet" for the first week of 2007 were South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Diet Pills, Diet, Diet Plans, Cabbage Soup Diet, Free Diet Plans, You on a Diet, Special K Diet and Lemonade Diet. Proving that America is (and has been) obsessed with the magic bullet. The thing is, there is no magic bullet when it comes to your health. Yeah you can do the Cabbage Soup Diet and you'll probably even lose a few pounds, but it's just not healthy. I am not shocked that "healthy diet" did not show up anywhere on the list, but it is a pretty sad realization.

Eat right and exercise. Seriously, it works. Don't starve yourself. Don't eat only one food for two weeks. These things don't work and honestly, they just make the whole game of losing weight an endless and miserable battle.

I don't know maybe you love Special K that much, but for those of us that don't -- Change your lifestyle. Figure out a way that you can incorporate eating healthy and getting more active into your life because once you do, you'll be a lot more successful and healthy.

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