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Fittingly Mad: Food Moths in the Bulk Foods Section

At my local health food store, I feel at home. I love the array of beautifully colored produce, the familiar healthy brands names like Kashi, Cascadian Farms, Stonyfield Farms, and Garden of Eatin'.

I love all the natural beauty products like Nature's Gate and Natracare tampons.

I especially love the hot and cold food bar, salad bar, and the deli.

I used to - and I stress USED TO - love the bulk foods section. There was a time in the recent past when I bought everything in bulk: popcorn kernels, brown rice, whole wheat flour, chocolate chips, granola, quinoa, split peas, dried cherries, dried mango, herbs, spices - If it was in bulk, I bought it.

I felt good about getting the foods I loved for cheaper, in the quantities I needed, and without all that unnecessary packaging.

Yeah, I felt great about it until a few days ago. I went to get a little baggie full of salted cashews (my fave), and as I opened the clear plastic lid, something flew out. YES!!! Something flew out of the cashews.

Want to know what I did? Then

I didn't freak out. I just took the scooper and shifted around the nuts and thought maybe it was my imagination. Oh but it wasn't. An infestation was more like it.

You know how I DESPISE Indian Meal Moths. If you bring home a pregnant moth or some eggs, you'll have an infestation of your own. I quickly shut the lid, and walked over to the nearest sales person. I said in a really low voice, "I'm not trying to be a bitch, but there are FOOD MOTHS in the cashews. You should know before they infiltrate the entire Bulk Foods Section!"

The guy thanked me and pulled the cashew container out and brought it into the back. That didn't really make me feel better, because I've had Indian Meal Moths at my house and they get into everything. I'm sure the cashews were only the beginning.

Needless to say, I've stopped buying food in bulk from that store. I'm too grossed out to take the chance. I stick to well sealed packaged items now.

Fit's Tips: I'm not saying you need to stop buying in bulk, but you should definitely look at the food carefully. Trust me - you DON"T want moths at your house.

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