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Fittingly Mad: Give Up Your Seat Already

I don't know about you, but I ride public transportation to work. It spares the air, it saves me money (parking is outrageous where I work), and I get to rub elbows with my community. What a rude community it can be too.

Twice this week, sitting quite far from the door where the seats reserved for the elderly and handicapped are I was the only commuter to offer up my seat to other riders in need. The first was for a woman carrying a sleeping baby while holding her toddler's hand. I had to practically yell through the crowded car to ask her if she would like my seat. Can you imagine trying to steady yourself and your kids during a bumpy ride with no free hands?

The second was for a very frail, yet elegantly dressed looking elderly lady. Sure she had fashion sense, but that doesn't translate into strength and stamina. She was clearly hurting on her feet.

I couldn't believe it!!!! Most riders are commuting to and from jobs where they sit all day. Standing up for 20 minutes shouldn't be that much of a challenge for them and obviously the polite thing to do is offer up your seat to folks who need it more - like folks with babes in arm, kids in tow or women old enough to be your grandmother or great grandmother.

Standing during a commute also burns some extra calories and works your core. Geesh, people. What ever happened to polite??? That is what I'd like to know.

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