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Fittingly Mad: I Wish I Could Trust Horizon's Label !!!

Fittingly Mad: I Wish I Could Trust Horizon's Label !!!

In light of my recent post about Horizon Dairy Products, I'd like to say that it makes me so mad that companies can say whatever they want on their labels, but behind closed doors, they just do whatever they want.

I really hadn't heard about Horizon Dairy's methods before my wonderful readers had brought it to my attention (or else I never would have praised it so much). Thank you to Amused Bystander and KerryG for those great links on the truth about Horizon's big business practices. Here's what I found out...

Since there has been such a high demand for organic milk, Horizon decided to produce more milk and label it organic, when it really doesn't deserve that prestigious label whatsoever.

In order to be considered organic, dairy cows need to have access to pastures for fresh air, exercise, and to graze on fresh grass. Horizon's dairy cows are let out rarely, at nighttime, or coincidentally when a tour group comes by. It's awful, but they are mostly stuck in barns, chowing on energy-rich food that increases their milk production. So when they're not eating, they're hooked up to milking machines. What kind of life is that?

When I think of organic milk, I picture happy cows (much like the leaping cartoon on Horizon's label), grazing freely on a lush hillside, able to come and go as they please. Horizon has shattered that image for me, and it looks like Aurora "Organic" Milk is more of the same.

Fit's Tips: You can do your part by boycotting big dairy companies like Horizon and Aurora. Buy from smaller, local, truly ORGANIC farms instead, so you know that the cows are treated more humanely. Or you could choose not to eat any dairy products at all, like vegan Alicia Silverstone. I, for one, can' really imagine a world without cheese, but my world will definitely be free of Horizon products.

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