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Fittingly Mad: Liquid Cocaine

Energy drinks have gained enormous popularity in the past few years despite the extremely high levels of sugar and caffeine found in almost any energy drink on the market.

The name energy leads you, the consumer, to believe you are drinking a good thing (maybe something that will help you excel in your work out) when you're not, and it could not be further from it. One can of energy drink tends to have 4 times the caffeine than a can of coke and about 7 teaspoons of sugar. The worst part is that since energy drinks are so hot right now, makers are just random companies (clothing manufacturers, motorcycle makers, etc) jumping on the bandwagon. One Las Vegas based producer even named their drink Cocaine: The Legal Alternative. Could it sound any more unhealthy? What's more? Energy drinks are not currently regulated in the United States so anyone and everyone can make and drink them.

To find out how you can get more energy without one drop of Liquid Cocaine,

If you're looking for more energy, rather than reaching for another can of Red Bull try taking a look at your lifestyle and figure out what is draining you and how you can give yourself a little extra sleep or "You Time". Try reevaluating your diet. Are you eating healthy enough?

Still feeling slow? Drinks containing Ginseng have been known to boost energy.

Still not feeling as energetic as you'd like? Vitamin "B" is known as the energy vitamin and lack of "B" could be responsible for your lack in pep; most multivitamins will contain appropriate daily recommended amounts. Keep in mind, it is always wise to consult your doctor before adding any new supplements to your diet.


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