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Fittingly Mad: MultiGrain vs. Restaurant Style Tostitos

I made an interesting discovery at the grocery store the other day. Chips and salsa are something I like to have on occasion and I typically buy some au natural chips. My husband, however, prefers Tostitos, and is relentless about voicing his preference.

This time I gave into him, but then I noticed Tostitos is now making a Multigrain variety made with whole oat, whole wheat and buckwheat flours - this was written in a nice font on the front of the bag. So, my hubby got his Restaurant Style, I got my Multigrain - both of us satisfied that we got our way.

The problem happened when I got home and actually read the label -- Not only is the main ingredient of these chips still corn, but the Multigrain chips actually have more calories, fat, sodium and sugar (10 more calories, 1 g fat, 15 mg sodium and 1 g sugar per ounce) than the Restaurant Style chips. I realized that while the Restaurant Style chips are probably more healthy, better tasting and cheaper, Tostitos is marketing toward people who, like me, are easily drawn (like a moth to a flame really) to labels like 'Multigrain' even if it is not in fact healthier. Sure, there is a bit more fiber (1 gram) in the Multigrain chips, but let's be honest; I am NOT eating tortilla chips for their fiber content. What's even worse? Now my husband thinks he is the authority on eating light. Twist the knife even more....

I have decided to take this incident, as I did my tequila to wash down all those chips, with a grain of salt. I should have known better, but I have learned once again to always read the label. And that when I want tortilla chips, I will just stick to the regular tortilla chips from here on out and eat them in moderation.

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