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Fittingly Mad: Must You Bring your iPhone to the Gym?

So after seeing the results of the poll on whether or not you talk on the phone while exercising, I got a little fired up. Here's why...

I was at the gym the day following the poll and I was particularly sensitive to anyone talking on the phone, so you can imagine my disgust when not one, but three people were flashing their cell phones around the gym. They weren't just any cell phone users mind you, but only the most annoying of all phone users right now... They were iPhone users. I'm thinking, "Not only are you being rude by talking on the phone while others are just trying to workout in peace, but now I've got to deal with you flashing your phone around."

One guy, and I'm not kidding here, was talking on his iPhone while on a stationary recumbent bike. Guess what his entire 17 minute conversation was about? He talked about how he was at the gym on his iPhone and how cool it was and blah, blah, blah. I know this, because I was on the bike right next to him, fuming at his every word.

I'm happy for everyone that got an iPhone, I really am. In fact, I think they're pretty cool but they're not iGyms or iExercise or even iWorkout, which in my book means they're not meant for the gym and iThink you should leave it in your iLocker so iDon't throw it out the iWindow.

iThank you for listening!

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