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Fittingly Mad: Serving Sizes are TOO Small

Alright so I know portion sizes at restaurants have gotten out of control, but what about serving sizes on packages? Is it me or are companies totally duping us into thinking their products aren't so bad for us, when really their tiny serving sizes aren't even close to what a person would actually eat.

Take Vitamin Water for example. When I first looked at the label I thought, "50 calories - that's not so bad." When I took a closer look, I realized that that little bottle of flavored water actually contains 2.5 servings. That means that it really has 125 calories per bottle. How very sneaky because everyone knows I'm going to down that entire bottle in less than 5 minutes.

OK, well 125 calories - that's not so bad, but what about the Alternative Baking Company? I took a peak at their cookie's nutritional info and felt a little guilty eating a cookie with 250 calories and 10g of fat. Then I felt mortified and slightly betrayed when I realized that there were actually 2 servings per cookie! How could I ever eat just half the cookie? The other half would be calling my name and I wouldn't be able to resist. These cookies were tasty but definitely NOT worth 500 calories a pop. I'd rather have 1/2 a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia for that many calories!

I also love those blue corn chips from Garden of Eatin'. They are so tasty and they better be, since there are 7g of fat per serving. Guess how many chips equals 1 serving? Yup, just 7 chips. What's that? Each chip has 1g of fat? Now that's just wrong!

My point is that I wish companies would come up with real serving sizes that people would actually sit down and eat. Don't try to trick me into thinking your food is healthy for me. Just give it to me straight up!


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